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In memoriam of “Nando”

A acquaintance died last Saturday 21th of August 2010. Commit suicide. Dutch acquaintance, nice fellow. Is application for a dutch welfare was rejected. Maybe that was not the reason for is suicide but for churl this element played a substantial part in is desperate decision.Wat Newsweek say about The Netherlands being the eight best country in the world is a pure lie. Just playing with numbers and statistics. There is a all part of the dutch population who’s suffering in silence. who dies in silence.Afraid to talk. Afraid to act, to protest. A population withheld as economical hostages. After talking with a Dutch layer it appears that since the social welfare is not handled  any more by the dutch government but by the councils thinks got worst. Quotas are applied. Human considerations hare less and less important. Applications from citizens in need are unfairly rejected. Again I say  that there is part of Netherlands who’s progressive and open to the future, to the new millennium. There is part of Netherlands who’s retrograde.
Who’s going to win?
I just found back this footage. Never publish and few years old. Today the situation is the same but more subtle. Less physical more mental.


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