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Monthly Archives: December 2012

European Ombudsman

European Ombudsman



I remember very good when the “monteur”(fitter) of Waternet (the dutch water provider recently semi-privatized) came few years ago to install the watermeter in my house. I was surprised to see that the counter was not reset to zero and ask the “monteur” about. The answer I got was that I was lucky to have a such a low counting and that others had an higher one. Few years later I asked the “gementeombudsman” from Amsterdam to do a inquiry about it. Waternet denied the fact. But I know exactly what I sow, is like this story of a crook who find the way to take one cent from each client of a bank. Nobody notice it but in the end that represents few million of cents for the theft.

Recently I received a letter from de Klerk and Vis (bailiff) asking me to pay +- 900 euros for a supposed debt from Waternet for a supposed excessive water consumption. If I will not do so they will take my water-meter out and cut mi water supply. Without water a men dies after few days. Some kind of undercover dead sentence in fact. I did protest by letter and few weeks later I received a new letter with a reduced amount. A amount were the costs of the bailiff procedure was this time higher then the supposed new amount.

Totally kafkayan. And they came with the same threat. This dead sentence of cutting the water supply if I did not paid the stipulated amount. Coaction is the key word in this case.

(To be continued)