I rest my cases

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Monthly Archives: July 2012

D.W.I -Dutch Social Welfare-

We decided, me and my lawyer, to start a procedure at the European court against the Dutch social welfare. Against what I would define as abusive and unfair management. Few years ago my “economical manager” at the social welfare was replaced without my consent. Since then my situation worsened.


I won my case R.D.W C.J.I.B

Amsterdam, 24 April 2012.


Just came back from the courthouse. I won my case against the Dutch administration, The “Mulder law” and the administrative harassment for cars that I don’t won for years. Took me years, I had the Dutch police around me like mosquitoes. Looking for a car who was not on my name any more. My telephone was triangulated. Travelling by bike was also a epic odyssey. Police everywhere. They threatened me of taking my driver license and jail, threatening even my lawyer. Took the judge 15 minutes to reprimand the procurator and sentence him to pay the costs and to drop the case against me. A total victory. But how many Dutch citizen found their life destroyed thanks to this administrative abusive harassment? How many suicides?What is the moral of this story: Always fight for what you believe is right. David against Goliath. Just go for.